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PiXL Edge scheme

The Hayfield School are proud to be a part of the national PiXL Edge schemethere are exciting times ahead!!...

The scheme is intended, over time, to develop and accredit the life skills and attributes that employers are telling us they need – Leadership, Organisation, Initiative, Resilience and Communication.  This will give students a qualification, which runs alongside their academic successes and recognises what they can do as well as what they know.

In order to gain the qualification at “Apprentice”, “Graduate” or “Masters” level, students need to complete a range of activities from an approved list.  The activities are many and varied and can be undertaken in normal lessons, as well as in extra-curricular clubs and outside of school.

Progress on the scheme will be managed by students themselves using a specially designed on-line application, with Group Tutors, Heads of Year and Mr R Hough Head of Personal Development providing an oversight and awarding credits towards achieving the qualification.

We believe that ‘The Edge’ provides a real opportunity for students at The Hayfield School to benefit in the future as they apply to colleges, universities and for positions of employment and will indeed hopefully provide our young people with ‘The Edge’ when it comes to taking the next step in their learning journeys.

During the last academic year, I have had the absolute pleasure of working with a small team of Y8 (now venturing into Y9) students who gamely piloted and ‘took on’ the PiXL Edge LORIC challenge/ scheme throughout school.

Those Y9 students are now in the final stages of their ‘Apprentice’ level and are so close to completing their first qualification. The sheer determination, enthusiasm, resilience and hard work demonstrated by the pilot LORIC team in the last year has genuinely blown us away – we are so proud!!

The pilot team have been promoted to the role of Hayfield LORIC ambassadors. Whilst putting the finishing touches to their ‘Apprentice’ qualification, they are also providing Y7 & Y8 with additional help in various forms such as challenge inspiration, overseeing the completion of challenges, giving guidance through the system, etc., to both students and tutors alike.

We are now looking forward to the annual national awards ceremony later in the year where our team can really get the recognition they fully deserve. I really  hope we will be taking some Y7 & Y8 PiXL Edge superstars along with us as well - so let’s get cracking team!!

Miss Rockliff