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Our aim is to ensure that all students achieve the very best grades they can in external examinations but also to prepare students for working life in the future: either as entrepreneurs and business owners or as employees who can make a positive contribution to the organisations they will work for.

We are extremely proud of our record of achieving outstanding results in external examinations, as recognised in the school’s last Ofsted Report. We are one of the Top 5% of Business Departments in the country – and that’s Official!

We make every effort to make our courses and our teaching up to date and relevant, giving students every opportunity to excel. They will have opportunities to meet real business entrepreneurs and managers and work on real business issues and problems.

KS4 Business 

We currently (September 2017) operate two different courses in both Business and Economics as the specification changes for 2017 come into effect. Our current Year 11 students are taking either GCSE Business Studies or GCSE Economics, dependent on ability (2012 specification in both cases). Our current Year 10 students are taking GCSE Business (9-1) and this will also be available to the Year 9 students when they complete their option choices. GCSE Economics (9-1) will be available to some Year 9 students dependent on ability. Details of all courses listed are below.

GCSE Business Studies (Year 11 only)

The course covers the steps involved in setting up a new business as well as more traditional business topics of marketing, production, human resources and finance. Issues relating to government and international trade and competition are also included. 25% of the final exam is based on a controlled assessment completed at the start of Year 11.

GCSE Economics (Year 11 only)

This course is available to a restricted cohort of students given its academic nature. This is a challenging but fascinating subject looking at all aspects of how an economy works (or doesn’t!). we look at markets and how prices are determined, the behaviour of businesses and whole economy issues such as unemployment and inflation. All marks are on the final exam.

GCSE Business 9-1

(Current Year 10 and subsequent year groups)

Students choosing this course are in for a busy, engaging, relevant and important programme of study. We follow the dynamic and exciting Edexcel specification (see link below to the Edexcel website) which is designed to equip young people with the skills and tools to fully understand how businesses work.

Taught by an experienced teacher (and former examiner), an ex-Bank Manager who has run his own business and continues to help and advise others who do the same, the course covers everything the budding entrepreneur will want to know.

Where do business ideas come from? How do you actually get started? What’s the best way to limit your risk? What about employing people? Tax matters? Dealing with suppliers, customers and competitors, keeping track of the all-important finances – all these and more are covered in a fast, student-focussed and intensive two years.

Be warned – this course is demanding on students – you’ll need to think on your feet and deal with real business problems and issues, throughout. There is no controlled assessment or coursework – all marks are from the final exam at the end of Year 11. Homeworks will be set weekly and will usually comprise past exam questions.

GCSE Economics 9-1 

(Current Year 9 when in Year 10 and subsequent year groups)

Availability of this course is restricted to those students with the necessary level of academic ability. It’s a challenging, engaging and intellectually demanding course.

We follow the dynamic and innovative OCR specification which should inspire a lifelong learning interest in the subject. It helps students understand the impact of economic decision-making and develop valuable transferable skills which are highly relevant to current and future employment needs.

Taught by an experienced teacher who is an ex-Bank Manager, the course content includes the roles played by markets and money, the role of government in the economy and the importance of international trade and globalisation.

This is “big picture” stuff – you need an open mind, a willingness to debate based on hard facts and figures, an excellent mathematical ability and a “yearning for learning” about the world and Britain’s place in it. There is no controlled assessment or coursework – all marks are from the final exam at the end of Year 11. Homeworks will be set weekly and will usually comprise past exam questions.

Useful Links and Revision Pointers:

The following links will be useful in your study of Business and Economics:

Further information about courses, assessment requirements and specifications, plus materials for students such as past papers and mark schemes can be found on the Exam Board Websites.

GCSE Business 9-1

Specification and Exam Structure

GCSE Economics 9-1

Specification and Exam Structure

Further Information:

Opportunities exist for students to participate in out-of-hours visits to local businesses and meet with local entrepreneurs and business leaders. It is unfortunately not possible to undertake trips out during the school day due to disturbance to students’ lessons in other subjects.

  • Mrs L Mortimer - Subject Leader for Business Studies
  • Mr R Bramhill - Associate Assistant Headteacher


For further information please contact Mre L Mortimer (Subject Leader) via the school telephone number 01302 770589 or via email at