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Careers Guidance (CEIAG)


CEIAG is fundamental in helping a young person reach their full potential and realise their dreams. At The Hayfield School we have a many-tiered approach to this most important area. It is our aim to ensure each student and their family are supported through the many decisions they will be making during different key stages. Every child matters, every decision propels them towards their future and we hope every individual is supported as just that – an individual!

There are many opportunities available across the school year for our students to start preparing for their future beyond school. The Careers Programme starts as soon as students enter the school in Year 7.

The Careers Programme is extensionally delivered from Years 7 to 11. The school regularly evaluates the effectiveness of the programme to ensure that it meets students’ needs and statutory guidance.

steph-smith-careersAt The Hayfield School we work closely with Careers Inc in order to secure impartial CEIAG for our students. Appointments can be made with them for students and/or their families. Impartial advice and guidance is also available at key dates such as GCSE and A Level results days and Haydays. Our impartial careers adviser is currently Steph Smith.




For further information, please contact our Careers Co-Ordinator:
Richard Hough

The following links are a selection of useful career, training and choices websites:

CEIAG Delivery across the school.

Students have access to a range of activities to inspire them as outlined below.


CEIAG Delivery across the school