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Design Engineer & Construct

Our aim is to inspire our students to think, problem solve, Design, Engineer and Construct products using the 4 design stages, Identify, Design, Optimise, Validate. 


Students will cover a wide range of skills, knowledge, and creativity using traditional, hand and computer-based experiences.

Y7/8 Projects include, Bug House and Solar Light.

Y9 projects include, House construction Techniques, Passive Amp / Desk Tidy.




Students will cover a variety of modules which will enable them develop and show off their knowledge and creativity developed in KS3 and built on in KS4. Vocational awards are offered in 2 areas.

Courses offered:

LEVEL 1/2 OCR Cambridge National: Engineering Design.

LEVEL 1/2 EDUQAS: Construction in the Built Environment.



The Learning Journey

Please click on the link below to see the full learning journey


  • Mr N Allan - Head of Department
  • Miss L Fothergill
  • Mrs A Spotswood
  • Mrs L Wyld


For further information please contact Mr N Allan (Head of Department) via the school telephone number 01302 770589 or via email at