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Governing Body

As an Academy, the Members (see ‘Academy Status’) are shareholders of the Academy Trust which owns the school and the site for educational purposes. The Governing Body has the delegated authority to operate the school on behalf of the Trust. It is the employer of all staff, including teaching and support staff and in liaison with the LA Co-ordinated Admissions Arrangements acts as its own Admission Authority.

The key responsibilities of the Hayfield Governing Body are to:

Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school and ensure a safe and attractive working environment for both students and staff.

Contribute to the school’s self-evaluation and understand the quality of its strengths and weaknesses and the schools capacity to improve.

Support and strengthen school leadership.

Provide challenge and hold the Headteacher and other senior leaders to account for improving the quality of teaching, students’ achievement and students’ behaviour and safety.

Use effective performance management systems, including the performance management of the Headteacher, to ensure that standards of Teaching and Learning are as high as possible to provide the best education for all our students.

Ensure sound management of financial and human resources and infrastructure; Operate in such a way that statutory duties are met and priorities are approved.

Engage with key stakeholders including Teaching and Staff Unions to fulfil its duty of care to students, staff and parents and ensure appropriate Parent and Student surveys are undertaken.

To promote links and informal partnerships with other successful schools to ensure quality of Teaching and Learning. The current Chair attends National Finance and Academy conferences to ensure best practice and identify emerging trends and Government direction.

The Governing Body meets fully, normally once per term, but operates a number of smaller sub committees with delegated powers, which also meet once per term. Currently these committees are:

  • Academy Members Steering Group
  • Finance, and Buildings
  • Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare
  • Teaching, Learning, Curriculum, Outcomes
  • Each committee has its own relevant duties and terms of reference.

A Governor has a right to attend any meeting, but a Governor who has a specific interest or skill, will usually nominate his/herself for membership of one or more of these committees. In this way, there are less rigorous demands on their time. There are other statutory and non-statutory committees that are convened as necessary e.g. Exclusion and Staff Disciplinary Committees.

Each Faculty and other important roles at the school, e.g. Health and Safety, 6th Form, have a nominated Link Governor. These governors have a specific interest in their nominated field, and are a direct connection for school staff.

Their purpose is to: To provide opportunities for increased dialogue with the Governing Body and strengthen collaborative working; To work in partnership with Faculty Areas/Year Teams/Focus Area to promote continuous improvement and self-evaluation; To attend lessons/assemblies/events and functions to celebrate the achievements of staff and students; To ensure that staff and students are aware of who the Governors are and their role in school; To gain an awareness and deeper understanding in order to inform the governor role in Strategic Planning. After a visit, the Link Governor returns a pro-forma, evaluating and reviewing the visit, which is then discussed at the appropriate governor meeting.

The Governing Body also has an important role in monitoring how ‘ring fenced’ monies are spent at the school, such as the Pupil Premium and Catch Up funding, including any other Capital funds which have been successfully bid for.

As an Academy from April 2011, the Governing Body consists of 21 Governors plus a Clerk.

Governors serve a term of 4 years, except for the Headteacher, but can be re-elected or re-appointed at the end of their term.

Parent Governors (elected by Parents)

Mrs N Ford
Mr R Hale
Mr M Huby

Community Governors (Appointed)

Mrs U Ahmed
Mrs A Alton
Mr S Cross: Member
Mrs D Dickerson
Mr S Featherstone
Mrs L Gilfedder
Mr G Hartshorn: Chair & Member
Mr D Langford: Member
Mrs A Scott: Member

Teaching Staff (Elected by Teaching Staff)


Associate Member of Staff (Elected by Associate Staff)

Ms G Parkes

Headteacher (Legal Requirement)

Mrs L Fox: Member

Clerk (Appointed by Governors)

Mrs H Rose

Further information regarding the Composition of Governors and Register of Governing Interest September 2017 can be accessed by clicking on the links below.