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ICT & Computing

Welcome to the Faculty of ICT and Computing


“Building Innovative Minds Without Limits”

Our aim is to provide students with an exciting curriculum that will enrich their knowledge of key concepts relating to ICT, Multimedia and Computer Science. Whether it is programming applications, creating graphics or learning how to stay safe online, our offer at KS3/KS4 has elements to meet the needs of every student.

KS3 ICT & Computing

Subject Objective

  • To develop students’ knowledge of programming fundamentals
  • To reward creativity no matter what the discipline (ICT, Multimedia, Computing)
  • To develop confident ICT and Computing experts of the future

Curriculum Overview

The department’s main aim at KS3 is to build confident users of ICT who are not afraid to think outside the box, using technology to come up with their own creations based on a wide range of real world problems.  Using technology safely is at the for-front of our planning, due to the ever growing use of technology in society.

Year 7:

  • E-Safety 1.0
  • Data Modelling 1.0
  • Comic Creation
  • Hardware-Software
  • Algorithms and Programming 1.0
  • STEM Project: Programmer of the year

Year 8:

  • Data Modelling 2.0
  • Website Design 1.0
  • Representing Data
  • Algorithms and Programming 2.0
  • Object Programming
  • STEM Project: Programmer of the year

Year 9:

  • Cyber Security
  • Website Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Algorithms and Programming 3.0
  • STEM Project: Programmer of the year/Designer of the year



Students will complete an assessment at the end of each half-term based on the topic covered. Assessments will either take the form of a knowledge based test of creative project based on a given brief.

All assessments will be awarded a mark out of 25, which will correspond to a topic outcome grade. Current performance is determined by averaging the outcomes across all completed topics and comparing them with school and national trends. Students will then be issued with a personal learning checklist that highlights the elements topic that they can improve on and sets additional tasks to support their learning.

KS4 ICT & Computing 

The Faculty of ICT and Computing currently offer two options at KS4.

Option One

OCR GCSE Computer Science

Learners will develop knowledge covered in the foundation Computer Science topics covered in our KS3 curriculum, whilst learning about advancements in the discipline.

Topics covered in the course are split into two eternally set examinations:

Topics that we cover

Assessment Type

Computer Systems:

  • 1.1 Systems architecture
  • 1.2 Memory and storage
  • 1.3 Computer networks, connections and protocols
  • 1.4 Network security
  • 1.5 Systems software
  • 1.6 Ethical, legal, cultural and environmental impacts of digital technology



Computational thinking, algorithms and programming:

  • 2.1 Algorithms
  • 2.2 Programming fundamentals
  • 2.3 Producing robust programs
  • 2.4 Boolean logic
  • 2.5 Programming languages and Integrated development Environments




On completion of the course, students will be awarded a 9-1 outcome that is included in The English Baccalaureate measure for schools.

Option Two

Level 2 Cambridge National in iMedia

The iMedia qualification is a creative based ICT qualification that focuses on developing learner’s knowledge of multimedia technologies, whilst improving their hands-on experience of using applications.

The course is split into four units, each weighted at 25% of the final qualification. Three units are coursework based, with the final unit being assessed via an externally set examination.

On completion of the course, learners will be awarded a level 2 qualification from L2 Distinction* (equivalent to Grade 8) to Pass Level 1 (equivalent to Grade 1).


Course structure

The course consists of two mandatory units and two optional units. Four units must be completed to achieve the Level 2 Qualification.

R081 Pre-Production Techniques

Mandatory Externally set examination

R082 Graphic Design

Mandatory Coursework

R085 Website Creation (Gaming Focus)




R085 Website Creation (Blog Creation Focus)
Optional Coursework

R084 Comic Creation




R092 Game Creation
Optional Coursework

Useful Links & Revision Pointers

Useful links for both KS4 qualifications can be found on the corresponding pages of the GCSE HUB, please ask your teacher for more information.

Further information: The Hayfield Programmer of the Year award is now firmly embedded in both KS3 and KS4 and the number of students’ entering has grown. The opportunity to work to a brief gives our programmers of the future the opportunity to learn what it is like to work in the industry first hand, whilst also starting the process of building a portfolio of solutions.

Programmer of the Year runs during the summer term – Ask your ICT and Computing teacher for more information.

  • Mr J Parry - Associate Assistant Headteacher/Head of ICT and Computing
  • Mr A Cunningham 


For further information please contact Mr J Parry (Head of ICT and Computing) via the school telephone number 01302 770589 or via email at