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Learning Support (SEND)

The Learning Support Department at Hayfield aims to provide high quality support to students with a range of additional needs.

Support is provided in-class by a team of experienced and dedicated learning support assistants (LSAs) and we also deliver a range of interventions to help students overcome their barriers to learning. We are committed to promoting achievement and participation for all students and work hard to cater for the needs of all individuals.

We provide information and training for teaching staff to help them understand the individual students needs, and share strategies for removing barriers to learning.

Together, we monitor and track the progress of pupils with additional educational needs and provide intervention where appropriate. Interventions include:

  • Small group support
  • Year 7 Literacy Support
  • The Corrective Reading Programme
  • The Nessey Programme (targeted at dyslexic students)
  • Pastoral support in tutor period
  • Paired Reading Scheme
  • Catch up Literacy and Numeracy
  • The Spitfire Club at lunchtime
  • Individual study support
  • SEND homework club
  • Sixth form buddy system

From transition in Y5 and Y6 we begin to collect evidence from staff of students picture of need, and all students on the SEND register will produce with an LSA in Y7 a Learning Support Passport, sharing witb all staff their strengths and what they love, as well as what is challenging and what would help them in lesson. Access arrangements are gradually put in place to support students in assessments/exams in Year 7 and 8. At the beginning of Key Stage 4 we use screening and diagnostic assessments to confirm what additional support may be needed in public examinations in Year 10 and beyond.

Parents can login to the SEND system by clicking here

For further information about Learning Support or Special Educational Needs, please contact the school or email.

If you have any concerns about your child having a special educational need, please contact our Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Mr Graeme Routledge.
Tel: 01302 770589 or