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Parental Views

What do parents/carers think about the school ?

It is very important that parents and carers have an opportunity to tell us what they think about the school. We collect information through a variety of methods including surveys at parents evenings. Please find below a summary of what we have learned about your views of Hayfield School from our surveys.

91% of parents believe that their son/daughter enjoys being at Hayfield School

98% of parents believe that their son/daughter feels safe at Hayfield School

96% of parents believe that their son/daughter is making good progress at Hayfield School

96% of parents believe that behaviour is good at Hayfield School

98% of parents believe that teachers at Hayfield School expect their son/daughter to work hard and to do their best

94% of parents believe their son/daughter has someone they can talk to in Hayfield School if there is a problem

92% of parents believe that Hayfield School responds well to any concerns they may have

91% of parents believes that Hayfield School has a good range of extra- curricular activities, clubs , trips and visits

94% of parents believe that Hayfield School prepares their son/daughter well for the future

92% of parents believe that Hayfield School is well led and managed

92% of parents believe that Hayfield School has lived up to their expectations

96% of parents would recommend Hayfield School to other parents


Comments from parents

  • An issue has arisen regarding bullying with my son being the target – the teacher spoke with my son and myself and reassured me it will be dealt with. I am confident and at ease that this will be sorted out and my son supported during this.
  • Excellent support has been provided by the school helping my son with managing his anxiety over the 12 months.
  • Overall they enjoy themselves at school I think and have a positive experience.
  • Excellent LSA’s who give fantastic support and encouragement
  • All good. Great school!
  • The teachers’ commitment to Y11 students has been fantastic.
  • Excellent experience so far. My son is very supported with his medical condition from all his teachers, year tutor and head of year. Thank you.
  • Hayfield is an extremely good school that I feel is making my daughter a very well educated and well-rounded young lady. All teachers are extremely approachable and are always available if needed for support for pupils. The year heads are very approachable too and handle any problems with confidence and discretion.
  • My daughter initially attended another 6th form but did not settle in at all, the move to Hayfield was seamless, helpful and has been the best decision for my daughter.
  • Thank you!
  • Very happy with everything at the school. My son is happy and appears to be learning well.
  • We are very happy with all aspects of Hayfield as all 3 of our children are here and are doing very well. Thanks
  • Fantastic school production: amazing!

Parent View

Ofsted's Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about Hayfield School.  Parent View invites parents who have children at the school, to respond to 12 aspects of their education.  Please click on the Parent View button below to access the Parent View website.