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Return to School January 2021

Y11 Intervention

We are pleased to confirm that following DfE guidance after school revision/intervention for Year 11 students will continue as planned. We would like to reassure you that registers are taken and seating plans are in place as per normal lesson protocols.

Sport and After School clubs (9/11/20)

School clubs will resume from Tuesday as this supports parents with collection of their children after school.  Year group bubbles remain in place.


Students are now required to wear a mask at all social times. We are very proud of our students and will do our very best to keep them safe for you.

What should my child do if they are self isolating?

If your child has to self isolate then they should follow their normal timetable through Google Classrooms as indicated in all previous communications.

  • Follow the normal timetable at the right times (this can be found in their planner).
  • Register for their Group Tutor (when they know there is a virtual assembly):
  • Headteacher Assembly Mondays 8.40 - 8.50 am
  • Y11 Assembly Tuesdays 8.40 - 8.50 am
  • Y7-10 Assemblies Fridays 8.40 - 8.50 am
  • Register for every lesson at the right time except core PE.
  • Character and Culture is a lesson that runs on a rolling programme. We are happy for Y11 ONLY to use this time for catch up and core revision. Other students should log in.  This lesson changes every week e.g. w/b 19 October it was Tuesday Period 2, w/b 2 November it is Tuesday period 3, W/b 9 November it is Tuesday P4 and it continues in this sequence.
  • On occasions the register might not be in the Google Classroom at the very start of the lesson. There is sometimes up to a 10 minute ‘looping’ delay. Continue with the lesson and go back later and register if this happens. This issue might happen with lessons that have been ‘scheduled.’
  • Once registered go to the self isolation work section of the Google Classroom. In there students will find instructions for what they need to be doing for that week/lesson.
  • Remain ‘online’ for the whole duration of the lesson.
  • There are separate optional and supportive wellbeing Google Classrooms set up for each year group with updates and advice on health, wellbeing and mental health
  • Students or parents do not have the permission to record any lessons/assemblies.
Online lessons with Google Classrooms or live lessons - what is the difference?

We want our lessons to be the very best that they can be. Being online with Google Classrooms is what we expect our teachers to be doing and students to log into. This does not mean that the camera is on. Whilst in an ideal world this would be fantastic, and we have seen some excellent practice across the school, the teaching unions have legitimate concerns and we must not enforce it. However, we fully support those staff who do experiment with going live in their lesson and we know the students enjoy it. 

What if my child is self isolating and needs support from their teacher?

What if my child is self isolating and needs support from their teacher?
Whilst the lesson is online or live, contacting the teacher through the stream may not be the quickest and most effective as that teacher is most likely standing up, moving across the front of the classroom. They will monitor the screen but this is quite tricky. The quickest way is perhaps to email and they can get back to you. It may well be the end of the day and you have to go back and complete something. It is a little bit of experimenting and give and take. We do appreciate your patience with this.