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Year 11 Results 2020

Welcome to the results 2020 information page of the Hayfield School.  Please be reminded that we intend to run a virtual results day only this year.  This does not require attendance at school when results are released on 20 August 2020.  Instead a system has been set up where results will be received via email.  The arrangements have been outlined in a letter sent to Y11 students in the week beginning Monday 13th July 2020.  If you have not yet received your @haycloud email address and password, please contact the school before results day.  There will be comprehensive telephone support available on results day from a team of senior staff relating to wellbeing, results, grade based queries and careers.  Please ring reception on 01302 770589.  You can also email any non urgent queries  to

The arrangements for the award of results by this year has been a complex procedure because of the unprecedented COVID-19 situation.  We are as frustrated as you probably are by the continually changing government stance relating to the award of results.  Initially schools were asked to provide a Centre Assessed Grade (CAG) based on a range of performance evidence relating to individual students in each subject.  The government had then planned to statistically check and moderate these grades to ensure fairness between this year group and previous year group, as well as fairness between schools. 

As you are probably aware, the publication of government calculated A level results has created a national scandal that saw a government U turn in favour of students being able to appeal with a view to being awarded their mock grades instead.  We have written to you explaining this procedure as we expected this to be the case for GCSE; indeed, the government had published appeals related documentation relating to this on Monday 17 August, but have now rescinded it.  Much of what we included in our letter to you remains relevant, but we apologise if this letter has caused any confusion - unfortunately the government is changing its stance faster than we can communicate with you at the moment!  

The latest news is that students will now not simply just receive government calculated grades at all, nor will they receive mock grades.  The grades that students will receive will  now be the highest of the Centre Assessed Grades (CAG) initially suggested by the school and the grade calculated by the government.  We are happy with this decision as we believe schools and teachers know their students best and as such are best placed to suggest appropriate grades.  Our Year 11 students sat internal examinations in June 2019, November 2019 and January/February 2020.  We also issued reports containing teacher predictions in early March 2020.  Much work has been undertaken to ensure that the Centre Assessed Grades (CAG) put forward by the school were realistic, fair and evidencable.   

Many government documents have been issued relating to the calculation of results and Centre Assessed Grades (CAG). We aim to provide here a summary of advice and guidance here, as well as explain how we have decided Centre Assessed Grades at the Hayfield School... 


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