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Keyworker Parental Survey

During the lock down period our school is able to accommodate students of parents who have been defined by the government as keyworkers.

The government have defined keyworkers as:

- NHS and healthcare workers
- Social care and social workers
- Police officers
- Prison officers
- School teachers
- Members of emergency services
- Members of the armed forces
- Supermarket staff and supermarket delivery drivers
- Parents whose children have EHC plans
- Carers of Looked after Children or those whose child is supported by a social worker

In order to support the school in its planning for the lock down period, we are requesting that ONLY the parents who have been defined by the government as a keyworkers, complete this survey immediately.

**** You are required to complete a separate survey for each of your children. ****

Please select the keyworker category that best describes your current job role (you may select more than one).*
If your child will continue to attend school, how will they travel to and from school if the school transport and public transport services are affected and not able to run? (You may select more than one option).*